Coverafbeelding David Cassidy - I Am A Clown
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  •   4 weken
  •   18 piekpositie
  •   62 punten
  •   1973



I am a clown, I am a clown, clown.
You'll always see me smile you'll never see me frown.
Sometimes my scenes are good,
sometimes they're bad.
No funny ha ha, funny sad.

I am a clown, look at the clown, clown,
Always a laughing face whenever you're around.
Always the same routine, I never change.
Not funny ho ho funny strange.

Sometimes I think the world is a circus town.
Sometimes I feel I belong in a sideshow.
The man on a flying trapeze,
he ain't never coming down.
He knows what I know if you look inside,
if I didn't hide, you might decide you don't want me.

I am a clown, that's why I'm a clown.
Just like the fool on the hill begging to come down.
I wanna live again.
I wanna feel.

Tell me you love me, make me real.
Tell me you love me, make me real.
Tell me you love me, make me real.

See the funny little clown,
see the puppet on a string,
wind him up and he will sing,
give him candy he will dance,
but be certain not to feel
if his funny face is real.


ArtiestDavid Cassidy
Titel I Am A Clown
Componist(en) T. Romeo
Producer(s) Wes Farrell
Titel Some Kind Of A Summer
Componist(en) D. Ellingson
Producer(s) Wes Farrell
Platenlabel Bell
Catalogusnr 2008 157
Album Cherish