Coverafbeelding Sandy Coast - Capital Punishment
  • Statistieken
  •   7 weken
  •   12 piekpositie
  •   133 punten
  •   1969


Land   Nederland


There's only four hours left to death
No time to feel that I regret
I hate the man outside this door
Brings me my last meal and he says:
"Enjoy your dinner, son, before
They come and get you, then you'll hang"

I guess the hangman's still asleep
The gallows wait, the cord is cheap
The preacher says "Before it's too late
I'll save your soul, don't let me wait
You know it's really time to go"
But it's so terrible to know

Now it's just four minutes left to death
My whole life passes, I can't forget
The hangman, oh how can he smile
And kill me in a little while
He ties my hands down on my back
And hangs the cord around my neck


ArtiestSandy Coast
Titel Capital Punishment (Death By Hanging)
Componist(en) H. Vermeulen
Titel My Friend Abdullah
Componist(en) H. Vermeulen, J. Vermeulen
Platenlabel Relax
Catalogusnr 45.129
Album From The Workshop